Halloween Costumes PLR Articles

Halloween 2011 is just a few months away. I’ve already made my first costume sale and halloween costumes
it’s still only July, so people are shopping for halloween costumes already. I’ve put
together a PLR pack of 10 Halloween costume articles. Some of these articles are based
on new movies and characters. This means many of the keywords do not have a lot of
competition yet.

This PLR pack includes the following:

1. Costumes for Halloween 2011 – 474 Words
2. Green Hornet Costumes – 467 Words
3. Green Lantern Costumes Masks and Accessories – 431 Words
4. Harry Potter Costumes – 535 Words
5. Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 Costumes – 499 Words
6. The Simpsons Costumes – 403 Words
7. Thor Costumes – 445 Words
8. Transformers 3 Costumes – 428 Words
9. Tron Legacy Costumes – 435 Words
10. X-Men Costumes – 472 Words


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